Eyeline Media is an award winning production company that specialises in creating high quality television programmes and business communication videos.

Established in 1992, we have grown to become a well-respected and experienced company, with an in-house team of producers, camera crew and editors.  As well as creating our own innovative content, we frequently provide services and facilities to external producers, and have a strong track record in co-productions with other companies.

Our work has been nominated for 4 BAFTAS and 3 Celtic Media Awards, as well as being twice chosen as a finalist for the prestigious John Grierson Documentary Award.  We have also won 4 BMA Education Awards, a CBC Award and an award at the Asolo Film Festival.

Meet The Team

Since most of what we do involves teamwork, it is important that our personalities compliment one another, and that we bring out the best in our colleagues. Our passions, interests and how we spend our non-working hours are important because they influence how we work together. Enjoyment isn't left at the door though - we have a lot of fun here at Eyeline too, because all work and no play, as we know....